MTB Himalaya 2018

10 Days. 8 Days of Racing. 650 km. 16000 Hm. MTB Himalaya gives me the annual chance to race with the worldwide top mountain bikers through the Indian Himalayas. It is not only a huge learning experience, but also hard core racing on the one side and 10 amazing days of mountain biking, camping, great food, good people and all that in one of the most beautiful parts in the world.
Last year in 2017 I managed to become the first in the Indian category and overall on 10th position. For me a huge success and the first time I could seriously compete with International riders. Last year I felt strong on the uphill, but lacked clearly in my downhill skills. This year I wanted to perform stronger- uphill, as well as in downhill and technical sections. As MTB Himalaya is the most important race for me in the year I tried to put all my focus on training for this event.

pc Fernando

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This time for Africa

The 26th of May 2018 was a big day for me: I participated in my first ever race abroad. My sponsors Hastpa and Hero Cycles sent my two team members Akshit and Ashish and me to the Darling Brew Xtreme Race in South Africa.

As the winner of the MTB Shimla Race, I won a free entry for the 72 km single stage race. Not only that it would be my first ever race abroad, but also my first travel outside of India. You can imagine that I was quite excited: I would race against 800 experienced riders on a complete off-road route in South Africa!

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