La La Land Ultra

My first ever self supported ultra distance race

La La Land Ultra: A self supported endurance race in Himalayas which started in Manali and went all the way till Turtuk covering 700 km with the average altitude of 3900 meters and 10280 meters of elevation gain.

In june 2019 me and one of my best friend did a bike packing tour from Shimla to Manali, Lahaul-Spiti, Kinnaur and back to Shimla. when we were in Manali we got to know about a self supported ultra distance race in July called La La Land Ultra. which was going to start in Manali and end in Turtuk. this race really got my attention. Because before starting cycling i always wanted to do the Manali-Leh route on a bicycle. Later i never did because it became really common. Every cyclist was doing that. But this time i really wanted to do because first i never did such a race before (which i always wanted) . Second it was one of my dream route.

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Bike Packing in the High Himalayas

I love racing and I do love adventure and travelling. Lucky me that i live in the Indian Himalayas- the gate way to unlimited mountain adventure.

I got inspired by Cory Wallace, the World Champion in 24 hour racing, who is doing lots of bike packing all around the world. he is using these weeks with long distance riding with heavy load as base and strength training.

I decided to start my own bike packing journeys this June and planned to do a 900 km circuit from Shimla through the Kullu Valley to Manali and then further over Rothang (3980 m) and Kunzum Pass (4550 m) into the Spiti and Kinnaur Valley, then back to Shimla.

On this tour I would not need any camping gear, as there are villages and tented accommodation on the way. This suited my situation, since I am not so well equipped yet. However I took my stove along, like that I was independent with my fueling.

AT the and of the 10 days trip I had done 930 km and 15000 meters of elevation. The highest point was on 4700 meteres.

I really loved the adventure, meeting other travelers on there cycles and challenging my self with the heavy bags in high altitude.

This trip was even more special, as a part of the road was still blocked for traffic, due to lots of rockfall and snow . Anyway,with my bike I managed to cross this 10 km brutal stretch and enjoyed to have the Himalayas just for myself, only sharing them with the Sheppard men and my riding partner.