MTB Garsha- High altitude Race in Lahaul Valley

This one day race took place in the beautiful remote valley Lahaul, which is only reachable in the summer month when the mighty Rothang Pass is open.

it was a one day race of 40 km at an elevation of 3000 m and higher.

We decided to ride the 120 km from Manali to the race venue, since it would be not only a good training, but also much more enjoyable, than sitting in a car.

The race was lovely organised with a beautiful stay at a monastery on 3500 m.

The race itself was short and intense, with nice single trails and good climbs. After few days of slow riding, it was the Time to get back to the race mode. We had some very good riders,and since the race was short , anyone could win. Though the start was not good for me, i just crashed with few young riders who just braked after 30-40 m from the starts line. But i chaged strong and after 2 hour 20 minutes of riding I managed to pull out the win. 

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